Civil & Structural Services

We provide full structural engineering services for a coordinated and complete technical design service, or independently for other construction consultants, architects and builders;
for example:

– Timber, concrete or steel beam calculations including padstones where required

– Masonry check calculations for lateral and vertical design

– Steel frame design calculations

– Foundation design

– Piling and ground beam design- Underpinning

– Retaining walls

– Foul and surface water Drainage

Our engineering services are in house and thus, liability for the whole design is ours. There are no split liabilities with our finished schemes.

For other construction consultants, we also provide just the engineering services. Our independent engineering service does not need to be part of a package for our own architectural projects. Our fees are acknowledged to be some of the most competitive in the industry and include computerised calculations and full CAD detailing.

All projects are on a fixed fee basis.

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– Full structural service

– Full liability cover

– Independent

– Competitive pricing

– Fixed fee