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Design:- Stage 2
Once our fee proposal has been accepted, we will start the design phase.  This involves a full dimensional and photographic survey of your property and drawing the existing building elevations and plans.  We would then have a series of design consultations where we will discuss the design, ambiance and flow of the building, producing sketch ideas together.  You will then see the full potential and make decisions on how the design progresses.  Only when you have seen all the possible options and chosen the scheme you wish to progress with, do we move onto stage 3.

We will also research the site in terms of planning history and the Local Authority plans  to assess the likelihood of obtaining planning permission.

If your property is listed, Stage 4 (Building Regulations) may need to be combined at this point. This is because listed buildings require more detailed construction information for local authority/English Heritage approval.

We are unique in that……. customers are assured of confidence in our design. We produce a full structural design and analysis to be sure the design submitted for planning will be buildable.  As our structural design is done “in house”, liability for the whole design is ours.  There are no split liabilities with our finished schemes.


bullet Full survey
bullet Drawings
bullet Design consultations
bullet Options discussed

Full structural design


No split liabilities

Links to each component of the five stage model

 Feasibility Study

 Design Stage

 Planning Application

 Building Regulations

 Schedule of Works


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