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Our approach to domestic and other small architecture

The traditional architectural process is complex and although suitable for large projects it does not suit smaller developments such as extensions and loft conversions. We prefer a simplified approach with a “pick and choose” architectural service package where you can pick the professional help you want.

Building improvements are a big investment (with possibly borrowed money to pay for it) and as such it is important to obtain professional advice from qualified people at the beginning.  Poor design and drawing details may lead to abortive and unnecessary construction costs.  As nearly every building is different our initial consultation service is free so we can assess your needs in a more informal environment.  This allows us to completely assess the feasibility of your thoughts, ideas and requirements and advise the legal processes required with no obligation on your part.  We then provide a full written fixed fee quotation for the works you indicated you wanted us to undertake.  It is worth noting all our drawings and calculations are produced on CAD and are therefore easily transferable to third parties if required. 

We have devised the following simple five stage approach to all architectural extension and loft conversion works:-

Stage 1 - Initial free feasibility visit      

Stage 2 - Design of the proposals

Stage 3 - Planning Application

Stage 4 - Building regulations

Stage 5 - Schedule of Works


bullet Simplified approach
bullet "Pick & choose" package
bullet Free consultation
bullet Full fixed-fee quotation

CAD Drawings



Links to each component of the five stage model

 Feasibility Study

 Design Stage

 Planning Application

 Building Regulations

 Schedule of Works

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